Hurricane season? Simple tips for you to assemble your survival kit

Simple tips for you to assemble your survival kit.

Keeping yourself prepared for a hurricane can save you and your family from very turbulent moments. In the 4 simple steps to get yourself ready for a hurricane article, we spoke a bit about that. Now, we will deal specifically with a couple of things already covered in the aforementioned article. On this one, we will thoroughly talk about how to assemble a survival kit against hurricanes.

To assemble a survival kit, taking into consideration that you are going to use it for, at least, 3 days. In the meantime, it is always positive to have enough to go beyond the minimum. Let’s cover a basic kit, and then some useful measures in relation to essential items: water and food. Check those out and get yourself ready.

Basic Survival Kit:

– Bottled water. You need a gallon a day per person, since it will be used, besides for drinking purposes, for hygiene and, perhaps, to cook;
– Non-perishable food; And it is recommended to consume or even dispose of all perishable food before the rain starts to pour, since without electricity it can become a health hazard;
– Local map;
– Some cell/battery powered flashlights;
– Wood and electrical tape to protect your windows;
– Different kinds of cells and batteries;
– Cell powered radio;
– First-aid kit and essential medicine. If you or anyone in your family needs some sort of medicine, it is always positive to have a stock of it for those occurrences;
– Equipment for babies (if you have them, of course);
– Glowing sticks (safer than candles);
– Sun filter and insect repellent;
– Entertainment games;
– Food and water for pets, cages, blankets and toys for them;
– Blankets and clothes for all (including rain clothing).

Water to drink and for hygiene

In the case of a natural disaster, you may end up without some basic utilities, such as water supply. Thus, keeping water stored might be vital for your safety. To do so, use containers which are hard to get damaged, or even those plastic bottles of milk. Make sure that they are absolutely clean, and then store drinking water.
Besides that, you will need water for personal hygiene and to cook. These containers are still very useful for it. But remember, they have to be completely sealed, and change the water once a year, at most.

Tip: Have some water purification tables with you.

As we have already mentioned, keep a gallon of water a day per person, and consider a minimum period of 3 days. And before you do your calculations to know how much water will need to be stored, do not forget the pets, if you have them.

Non-perishable Food
Considering the chance of having issues with power supply, it is extremely important to possess a stock of non-perishable food.

However, the non-perishable should be the next 3 days, at least. Hence, you will be able to keep some fruits and even some greenery. Besides bread, food for children, such as cereals, cookies, etc.
It is very important that you have disposable cutlery and plates, because it is not a good idea to waste water doing the dishes.

Tip: those portable stoves for camping (which do not need your home’s power) can be useful to increase your food’s selection.

Do not forget as well to have a supply of bin bags and try to store ice if possible.

Besides this we are mentioning, nobody actually knows your demands and your family’s better than you. As for your starting point, use what we have told you and adapt it for your family.