See what you have to do after a hurricane warning has been announced

We have already approached the way to get properly ready for a hurricane and, in a more specific manner, how to assemble a survival kit. These articles can help you to face in a better way the moment when the hurricane hits. However, besides having everything together, it is required to do everything in the right time. If you knew that a hurricane was probably going to get you in 48 hours, would you be aware of what to do? Well, we are going to give good suggestions.

Hurricane Watch and Hurricane Warning 

First, let’s talk about the language that is used, and how the hurricane warnings operate. Hurricane Watch is a rating that is issued when the National Weather Service considers that a hurricane can hit the coast within a 48-hour period. This warning is always widely spread, as it is included in TV news, and there is a good chance that you will know about it pretty quickly. But if you want more safety, and get these updates on your email, you just need to sign up here.

Now the Hurricane Warning is issued when a hurricane is expected to hit a given area in within a 36-hour period. It is quite probable that you have already get the previous warning, particularly when you keep yourself updated all the time. In the meantime, this warning is important in order to carry out the last checkups.

Finally, you still have the Extreme Wind Warning. This one is issued when a hurricane is expected to exceed 115 mph, and it is given at least one hour before that happens. However, if that occurs, you will already be well-prepared thanks to the previous warning.

A hurricane is coming. What to do?

Well, this section is going to be divided into two parts. The first deals with the possibility of staying at home, while the second touches on the situation in which you live in an area that is going to be evacuated. However, for both, being already prepared is important. If there’s an evacuation going on, an evacuation plan should exist beforehand. If it’s possible to stay at home, have a plan to go through that moment in the best way possible.

The first thing to do is to protect your home. That should be carried out, regardless if you are to stay inside or to leave the area. If you have detachable hurricane shutters, put them already, because it will be impossible to do such thing once the winds start. If you use plywood, try to start even earlier. Besides that, pack any object which might turn into a flying one inside your garage, or inside your home, because that object can fly straight into your place.

After having properly protected your home, let’s go with the first option, in case you decide to stay inside. In that situation, define your property’s safest spot. Such spot should not have a lot of contact with the exterior. It should not have windows, nor external doors, preferably. Particularly if the hurricane ranks above Category 2 (see more about hurricanes and their categories here). Check your survival kit, which can be seen in minutiae here. And, lastly, keep yourself away from big doors and windows, especially during the hurricane’s hit.

Now, if you decide to go for the evacuation, you better have a plan for it already. Having defined places to stay, and the things which will you need, is a good starting point.
Very well, after a Hurricane Watch issue, check the news, and try to go to a shelter where the hurricane hit will be less severe. Having a map highlighting the potential routes to reach your destination is good.

Do not forget to have some money with you, because ATMs might be unreachable. And, if you have any, seek shelter for your pets.

On top of all this, it is good to have a checklist which includes everything that you will have to have and do in such eventuality. Things like turn off the power, gas and water are important. Having standby batteries and chargers for your phone as well. Be sure that you have in that checklist an item to carry with you the most important documentation, and always warn some people about the place where you will be staying.

Your safety and your family’s come first. Do not stop planning, doing things at the last minute can be dangerous.

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