Accordion Shutters For South Florida

AAA Broward Hurricane manufactures two systems of accordion shutters.

The first are high-impact Bertha accordion shutters. This shutters system is trusted by hundreds of homeowners in high-velocity wind zones. Although every company says their shutters are the best, the fact is that this system uses ticker screws in between every slat of the accordion shutters, as well as heavy-duty blades. Bertha aluminum top and bottom tracks are also heavy-duty. This is the strongest accordion shutters system available today.

In addition, we manufacture standard accordion shutters. This is a more economical accordion shutters system, and it is lighter in the tracks and screws, but it still passes Miami-Dade and high-velocity zone requirements. For an economical option, this shutters system still offers outstanding performance.

There is another reason why AAA Broward Hurricane has only two types of accordion shutters. We believe that cheaper materials will affect the quality of the system. Safety and quality are of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we believe customer savings should come from our efficiency, instead of from cheap overseas parts that do not have the same quality control as our American factory materials do.

Amazing factory savings with the highest quality control

We proudly manufacture our accordion shutters in Pompano Beach, Florida. All of our aluminum parts come from American mills and therefore are inspected by the highest quality control programs. AAA Broward Hurricane values the safety of all of our customers above all other considerations. Therefore, we guarantee that we only sell shutters that abide by the highest available quality controls. Buying parts overseas that are slightly cheaper and do not abide by the same American quality control standards was never an option for us.

Additionally, we offer 10 years limited warranty on every hurricane shutters system designed and installed by us.

All of our accordion shutters pass insurance inspections and hold current certifications in south Florida. They pass high-velocity zone requirements, and they can even been installed in Miami Beach high-rise condos.

Accordion Shutters

Accordion Shutters

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