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3 essencial things to know about hurricanes

Hurricanes are one of the most feared natural events, and they are the outcome of a series of atmospheric and geographic factors. Almost every time a region is hit by such phenomenon, the effects are quickly felt. Unfortunately, homes and natural areas get shattered and wiped out and, in some cases, several fatalities are registered. […]

4 simple steps to get yourself ready for a hurricane

Being prepared for a possible hurricane or for other severe weather hazards can be easier than what you think. And it can help you or even save you from very complicated situations as well. This small article works as a simple guide, however, it can be very helpful to you. 1. Keep yourself informed. Most […]

Hurricane Shutters Guide

Our first article serves as a general guide on Hurricane Shutters. We are going to address their types and the materials they are made of, besides showing how useful they can be to protect your home. Look also: How hurricane shutters help you get home insurance discount Accordion Shutters The Accordion Shutters come from a locking […]