Repair and maintenance of hurricane shutters and impact windows & doors 

AAA Broward Hurricane has replacement parts for every type of accordion shutters, roll-up shutters, and storm panels. Because we are a hurricane shutters factory, our employees understand every part of the hurricane shutters system and therefore can efficiently identify and correct problems.

In addition to performing repairs, AAA Broward Hurricane has developed mechanisms to maintain accordion shutters and roll-up shutters. Our complete maintenance regimen is unique to the industry. It is recommended to have your hurricane shutters system maintained once a year to prevent fading of the paint and excess corrosion, and also to prevent major repairs.

AAA Broward Hurricane have saved hundreds of homeowners a lot of money on expensive repairs of their hurricane shutters by identifying damaged parts that are quick to fail. By replacing those parts before they completely fail, the hurricane shutters system as a whole is preserved. This is especially important for motorized roll-up systems.

Call our maintenance department for your free estimate, and a hurricane shutters expert will check every hurricane system on your property.

We repair all models of hurricane shutters

If it is a hurricane shutter, chances are that we’ve got the parts for it.

That’s true even if you did not have your hurricane shutters manufactured by us, or if your original hurricane shutters company went out of business 5 years ago. We stock replacement parts from most models of hurricane shutters, from accordion shutters to electrical roll-up shutters.

Please note that sun shades were not tested to withstand hurricane force winds and are not considered hurricane shutters. Therefore, sun shades are not repairable by AAA Broward Hurricane. If your system is made of plastic or very thin aluminum, and you are not sure if it is a hurricane shutter, just call us and a sales representative will help you identify it.

Maintenance and Repair

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