Roll Up Shutter For South Florida

AAA Broward Hurricane manufactures manual and electrical roll-up shutters in Pompano Beach, Florida.

All of our roll-up shutters are Miami-Dade and high-velocity approved. They hold the most current certifications to be installed and approved by any city in south Florida.

Therefore, all of our roll-up systems are guaranteed to pass insurance inspections.

Roll-ups are a great option for hurricane protection and carry other benefits often overlooked by customers:

        • Roll-up shutters with motors can be opened and closed with a flip of a switch.

        • Roll-up shutters provide sun shades that are appropriate for each window. They can be left open partially or completely.

        • Roll-up shutters have a very low profile, and the top box can be hidden in new constructions.

        • Roll-up shutters provide security from burglary. Many customers have a habit of opening and closing them every time they leave the property with a remote control.

        • Roll-up shutters are a great option for picture windows (fixed glass) that are located on the second floor or above, because the homeowner can close roll-up form inside the house instead of climbing a ladder to close it from the outside.

New and improved Roll-up shutter with retention system

AAA Broward Hurricane proudly manufactures new roll-up shutters systems that come with a retention in every slat. This allows the roll-up to have longer spans without the need of removable vertical bars installed on every roll-up.

We have also found that the roll-ups require less maintenance, and are easier to troubleshoot.

Call us at 954-228-7040 and a hurricane shutters specialist will show you samples for the retention and non-retention systems, and advise you on the best system for your individual home protection needs.


Roll Up Shutters

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