Storm Panels For South Florida

This is the most economical hurricane shutters system available today.

Storm panels still qualify for hurricane shutters insurance discounts. It is common to have 30% savings on your homeowner insurance policy. Most of the time a homeowner can recoup his investment in insurance savings within the first 2 years.

We offer factory prices for atom panels. AAA Broward Hurricane will design, install, and pull all the required city permits on every project.

Aluminum and Steal storm panels

AAA Broward Hurricane storm panels are custom manufactured to fit the exact size of each window.

New storm panels are guaranteed to pass insurance inspections and currently come stamped with its certification on every single storm panel.

There are two options for storm panels protection:


-Lighter than steel panels

-resistant to corrosion

-easier to install due to the reduced weight


less expensive than aluminum storm panels

It is not as tempting to thieves as aluminum panels (due to recycling return value)

Storm Panels

Storm Panels

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